Putting my child in front of a screen – KidloLand review

A few weeks ago I was asked to try out the App KidloLand. To be honest at that point I wasn’t that sure if this would be a good plan since my toddler hadn’t really ever tried using our iPhone except for playing calling Granny and our dog back home in Germany.

I was always very strict when it comes to these kind of things and still prefer her to play real than using a phone or something.

But I thought that maybe it’s a good thing to test how she would react to it and that maybe it’s a better option to let her decide if she likes it or not.

KidloLand is made for children aged 1-5. And instead of some other apps on the market and of course YouTube and Netflix- it’s all educational.

You’ll find the alphabet, painting games, nursery rhymes and bed time storys. So many things to choose and everything is age appropriate. There are category’s for each age group so the parents can always make sure the little ones aren’t doing anything that could be inappropriate or also too challenging for them.

What I really like about KidloLand is that everything moving at a much slower and calmer pace than some of the things on television and that the kids can interact with them, which means they are learning while doing this!

So our review is really positiv – but I have to be honest – Alba looses interest like after 5 minutes so I would suggest to use the app when your child is a little older( alba is two) or either a child how connects a bit more with these kind of things.

But why it’s a pro for us? Well there is a download function – and yes we know this Mamas – the GB’s are running out so fast- and so you can download the favourite songs etc and play them also when you are not online- this is so handy.

Albas favourite part of the App are the songs- and I downloaded them for her so she can listen and sing while we are on-road. We love using the app in the bus- especially when it gets crowed and she has to sit still like 20 minutes – this app is a lifesaver for us .

Now she can sit in the bus and listen to all of her favourite songs.

Another pro especially for those who are like us new to the English language – the kids will pick up English so much faster.

Alba loves to sing Humpty Dumpty etc and already does this in English-proud mama moments☺️

So if you like to give it a try you can download the app here

iOS :


Google Play Store :


Amazon Store:



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